The next Transportation Advisory Committee (TAC) Meeting will be held:

Date:      November 16, 2023 
Time:     9:00am-1:00pm
Location:  Key Bank Building, 100 Cushman Street, room 215

Zoom Option: check project website


UPDATE: Late on Wednesday, an in-person option was added for this TAC meeting.


No explanation has been given why this very important meeting, where according to the project website “The primary objective is to review TAC input on the Draft Alternatives,” has been relegated to Zoom only.

ASAH has lodged a complaint with meeting organizers, stating that Zoom meetings are less desirable than in-person ones and unfairly limit participation by public members who lack good internet connections. We have asked for a format change to include an in-person option. This might require postponing this week’s meeting–keep an eye on the project website for updates. Your comments on the zoom-only format can be sent to

See Dermot Cole’s post: Dunleavy administration seeks to stifle ore-haul study committee by ordering ‘virtual only’ meeting Thursday