Over 50 Interior residents met with most of the Interior Delegation on October 31, 2023, to present the results of ASAH’s anti-ore haul petition, give updates on where the Corridor Study and state transportation plans are at, outline the known costs to the State of Alaska, and hear the Delegation’s feedback on the issues. Invited to the meeting were Senators Click Bishop, Scott Kawasaki, Robert Meyers and Representatives Ashley Carrick, Mike Prax, Frank Tomaszewski, Mike Cronk, Will Stapp and Maxine Dibert.

The 2-hour meeting concluded with ASAH’s ask for assistance by the Delegation to protect the traveling public, pause the ore haul until the Corridor Study is finished and necessary infrastructure upgrades can be made, and scrutinize the hundreds of millions of dollars that these upgrades will cost the State. Dan Bross of KUAC covered the meeting and his report can be heard here.