Dot Lake Village President Tracy Charles-Smith has written a position statement explaining the Village’s opposition to mining man-camps. There will be a man-camp in Tok (the old Westmark hotel) to house mining personnel at Manh Choh and possibly a second one in/near North Pole to support the truck drivers. President Charles-Smith’s statement outlines how these camps result in significant harm to local Native populations where they have been implemented. Studies show man-camps increase violence and crime and place a strain on Native community infrastructures such as law enforcement, healthcare, emergency medical services and other social services.

There are more aspects to the safety of this ore haul plan than increased vehicular accidents along the corridor. The Dot Lake School (at Milepost 1361 on the Alaska Highway) lies right on the trucking route, however Kinross has made no efforts to contact the community for input on potential conflicts or concerns. ASAH is coordinating our efforts with those of Dot Lake Village administrators to bring these important issues into the conversation.

The key areas of concern include:

  • Violence and Human Rights Abuses
  • Economic Exploitation and Labor Conditions
  • Lack of Consultation and Consent
  • Displacement and Dispossession
  • Environmental Impact