The Kinross Gold Ore Transport Route

Manh Choh to Fort Knox

The Kinross Gold
Ore Transportation Route

The ore haul transportation plan will have as many as 96 double tractor-trailered ore hauling trucks on our highways traveling between Tetlin and Cleary Summit and back. They travel along the Alaska Highway, Richardson Highway, Mitchell Expressway, Peger Road, Johansen Expressway and Steese Highway. The trucks will rumble through Tok, Dot Lake, Delta Junction, Salcha, North Pole, Fairbanks and Fox on their way to the Ft. Knox mill, where they will each deliver their individual payloads totaling 10 million pounds every day. Each ore hauler will weigh up to 80 tons. To the public, Kinross claims their plan is legal. It may be LEGAL, but is it SAFE?