About ASAH

About Advocates for
Safe Alaska Highways (ASAH)

Advocates for Safe Alaska Highways (ASAH) is a grassroots volunteer group of long-time Interior Alaska residents with a diversity of backgrounds and experiences. Together we are committed to ensuring that the health and safety of all Alaskans traveling our public highways is not jeopardized.

Our Objectives

Increase public awareness of the health and safety issues of the proposed ore haul plan.

Ensure Kinross’s current ore haul plan receives the following rigorous, data driven, analyses:

Highway Safety Analysis

  • Predict crash incidents and fatalities
  • Model and simulate capacity and congestion
  • Conduct traffic impact analysis (TIA) for mine driveway permit

Infrastructure impacts quantified

  • Calculate pavement stress
  • Evaluate bridge performance
  • Identify Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) impacts

Environmental Impact Statement

  • Determine air quality impacts in non-attainment portion of corridor
  • Model noise impacts – winter and summer
  • Assess wetland impacts
  • Review NEPA categorical exclusion documents

Through public support and political action, convince state and local governments to deny approval of the existing ore haul plan and encourage Kinross to develop alternative proposals, including processing ore on site at the Manh Choh mine or on an adjacent mining claim on state-owned land, building a dedicated haul road, or extending the Alaska railroad.

ASAH Members

  • Barbara Schuhmann (Fairbanks) –                   Spokesperson
  • Gary Wilken (Fairbanks) – Founder
  • Sue Wilken (Fairbanks)
  • Jon Cook (Harding Lake)
  • Steve Hovenden (Fairbanks)
  • Mary Farrell (Fairbanks)
  • Jenny Campbell (Fairbanks)
  • Bill Ward (Delta Junction)
  • Michelle Gillette (West of Ester)
  • Luke Hopkins (Fairbanks)
  • Jeff Cook (Fairbanks)
  • Joe Paskvan (Fairbanks)
  • David Cornberg (Fairbanks)
  • Lynn Cornberg (Fairbanks)